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polyethylene powder Specifications

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Material: polyethylene material, adding functional additives, pigments and other components.

Feature: bulky, smooth, excellent flexible, with excellent chemical resistance, electrical insulation, excellent safety and health and surface decoration.


Application: widely applied to the railing of highway fences, railway fences, refrigeration equipment, refrigerator grids, and racks.

Substrate : metal ,such as steel, iron, aluminum

Polyethylene Powder Feature
Eco friendly, Economic,
Good Weather Resistance
Good Resistance to Low & High temperature
UV protection
Samples Available
10 years professional factory

Polyethylene Powder Colors: Green 6005, Grey 7040, Blue 5010, are common used.  Other colors can be customized

Polyethylene Powder Storage:
a) Below 35°C
b) In dry, venting, clean indoor
c) Keep away from fire and heating
d) With coverage
e) If the stored time is more than 24 month, it must be tested before use



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