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Polyethylene powder coating (PE) Knowledge

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Polyethylene Powder is a thermoplastic powder coating powder coating production in the largest and most widely used one, the other is a polyethylene-based material, add a variety of functional materials, additives production of a decorative, corrosion resistance powder coating with the following advantages. 

1, excellent water, acid, chemical resistance; 

2, good thermal and electrical insulation; 

3, the tensile strength, flexibility, and impact resistance is excellent; 

4, good resistance to low temperature, -30 degrees without cracking 400H maintained above; may be used to the cold environment; 

5, non-toxic materials, in line with environmental requirements; 

Polyethylene powder coating is mainly used for instrument enclosure, the refrigerator shelves, blue bicycle network, hangers fitness equipment, sundries, hardware tools, cables and other painting. With the breakthrough coating technology, which in turn is used inside and outside the walls of the pipe, tank corrosion, anti-tie lining, glass containers, industrial coating, auto parts and other coating, making applications more expansion.


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