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Polyethylene powder coating-Fluid bed

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In the fluid bed coating, air be pumped into a layered tank of air and Polyethylene Powder. The bottom section of the tank into which air is pumped from the top section of the tank that holds the Polyethylene Powder, that is by special porous membrane separates, the air be pumped into the bottom section it moves through the membrane and into and out of the Polyethylene Powder. This can aerate the powder and make it possible to dip a part into it. The process involves preheating a part, dipping it into a fluidizing bed where powder adheres to the hot part, sending the powder covered part into an oven where it flows out to a smooth, then cured finish. It is, in many ways, that's a simpler coating than electrostatic since the primary factor is the heat resident in the part at dip. That heat together with the dwell (or the time spent sitting in the powder) determines the “build” of the coating. Fluid bed coating is generally a little thicker than an electrostatic powder coat and is, in many ways, a simpler more consistent process. Because of the surface of the bed is ‘simmering,’ if a precise dip line is required, then the parts will needs to be masked.


Fluid bed powder Advantanges :

1. Fluid bed powder coat can give a thicker coating than electrostatic spray.

2. Because the powder is contained in a dip tank, almost all the powder that doesn’t coat the part is reclaimed.

3. This effectively “masks” that area and can save considerable expense compared with expensive tooling or manual masking that would be required in a spray application.

4. The heat and fluidizing factors are easier to control than the electrical charge, good ground, properly dry powder, and electrical fields that must be considered in spray powder coating. Fluid bed coating is usually more easily controlled than electrostatic spray coating.

5.  A spray powder coat would not provide sufficient thickness to really dampen the sound.

6.  Solution: Fluid bed coating is ideal.


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