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Polyethylene Powder characteristics

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Polyethylene Powder is a solid film-forming resin powder substance for a coating process, it is a powder coating paint objects. Development of powder coating technology called as one of the greatest achievements of modern finishing industry. The past 15 years, the powder coating industry worldwide with annual double-digit growth and stable rapid development. Growing demand for powder coating technology because the powder coating has excellent performance, ease of applying, energy conservation, widely used in automotive and household 


Electrical industry, social and environmental aspects of the economic benefits significantly. 


Polyethylene Powder coating characteristics: 

(1) A powder coating can be obtained having a thickness of 100 ~ 300μm coating, and the coating for an ordinary construction of 4 to 8 times, to improve the construction efficiency and shorten the production cycle. 

(2) Coating does not contain solvents, without dilution and adjust the viscosity, improved working conditions and reduce the risk of fire, help protect the environment. 

(3) Improve the adhesion and the compactness of the coating, metal powder, ceramic powder coating are mixed together, can increase the mechanical and physical properties of the coating, the coating can greatly improve the corrosion resistance. 

(4) High the degree of mechanization and recyclable excess coating, reducing paint consumption.

(5) Coating and complicated equipment, high investment cost and appearance of the coating and leveling method of spraying is less than good, some of the powder coating methods required shape and dimensions of the workpiece. Application only for powder coatings, high cost.


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