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Polyethylene Powder For Fences

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When privacy is a priority, you need a screening system that can guarantee the visibility of your premises will be restricted. Screenfence performs this task, while giving your perimeter a modern vista that will last due to its increased durability.


Ideal for places like detention centers, Screenfence is created by fitting the durable polyethylene (PE) screens to any of the double welded wire fences from our Dulok range. Screens are secured in place using custom made clip fixings and sturdy bolts, ensuring they’ll stand up to vandals.


Polyethylene Powder For Fences is both UV stable and weatherproof, at least Ten years of quality assurance. So screens will keep their own colour even in varying temperatures. It’s a cost-effective material that looks great too, making your fencing system fit in perfectly with any surrounding environment.


And like all of the fences in our Dulok range, Screenfence conforms to the British Safety Standards for open mesh steel panel fences, offering added peace of mind.




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