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Polyethylene Powder Dip foundation and raw materials

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Polyethylene Powder Technology  Foundation and configuration process .

Since PE resin itself is translucent,  Hiding poor, Some other properties are not as good to meet the needs of the coating, Therefore, we must PE resins "reform", the choice of appropriate molecular weight, density appropriate  PE resin, then add the right amount , Pigments and fillers and additives, processing, to obtain high-quality  PE / Dip powder. 


Production process using shear grinding process to determine the process is as follows: 
These process types, the key technology is melt extrusion and grinding processes. In the melt-extrusion process. Be sure to control the extrusion Machine paragraphs temperature, speed and other hosts to a variety of materials can be fully mixed, improve the coating quality. To control the grinding process Good feed rate and fineness, Finished Too thin or too thick, will affect Construction Raw materials Selection of the base material.


PE / Dip powder base material is PE resin, which main parameters are the density, melting point, melt flow rate, molecular weight, etc.. 


PE resin is a polymer of a vinyl monomer According to the polymerization methods, PE resins can be divided into high-pressure polyethylene, Low-pressure polyethylene or medium pressure polyethylene. According to different requirements, Choice of low or high pressure polyethylene, medium pressure polyethylene is generally less. PE resin melt flow rate is a parameter reflecting the polyethylene resin has a melt flow properties. And because of the melt polymer material 

The viscosity decreases with increasing molecular weight, In practical applications, Easy melt flow rate compared to the molecular weight determination, Thus commonly melt flow Fixed rates approximate the molecular size. 


PE / Dip flour in the production of construction process, molecular weight greater impact. Molecular weight is too small, then the melt flow rate is large, painted Poor mechanical properties of the film cannot be used. Therefore, the production Molecular weight polyethylene PE / Dip powder should be moderate, melt flow rate 20g / 10min. But according to product performance and use requirements, sometimes also should use some other resin melt flow rate. Hebei JiaoRong Trading Co., Ltd polyethylene powder in strict accordance with the requirements of the production, quality assurance dip powder green and safe non-polluting trustworthy.



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