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Fluidized Bed Powder Coating

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As a Fine Polyethylene Powders exporter, we know that the fluidized bed coating process is a simple dipping process that can be either conventional or electrostatic. In the convention fluidized bed process, the fluidized bed is a tank with a porous bottom plate. The plenum below the porous plate supplies low pressure air uniformly across the plate. Polyethylene Powders that are preheated above the melt temperatures of the powder are dipped in the fluidized bed, where the powder melts and fuses into a continuous coating. A high transfer efficiency results from little drag out and no dripping. 


The fluidized powder coating, being technology of infinite possibilities, is the non-pollution coating method proven for many years. The strong and beautiful coating film is achieved to have dipped the preheated products into fluidized plastic powder bed.


Process Flow

Pretreatment: Degreasing, Removal of scale, Surface Roughness treatment

Preheating: Preheat products in an oven

Dipping: Dip preheated products in fluidized bed powder coating of room temperature.

Post-heating: Curing of the film on the product 


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