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Finely Polyethylene Waxes Powder can be divided into those species

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1. By the characteristics of the resin powder coatings can be divided into the thermoplastic powder coating and thermosetting powder coatings  two categories. 

The thermoplastic powder coatings can be divided into polyethylene powder coatings, polypropylene powder coatings, powder coatings, PVC, polyamides (nylon), polyethylene powder coatings boiling ethylene. Domestic use of more varieties of polyethylene powder coating paint, plus a small amount of Thermoplastic PVC Powder, polyamide (nylon) and polyphenylene sulfide powder coatings. 

The thermosetting powder may be divided into (pure) epoxy powder coating, an epoxy polyester powder coating (pure) polyester powder coating, a polyamide powder coating, acrylic powder coatings, polyester powder coatings of acrylic, acrylate, epoxy powder coatings, and boiling resin coatings. Which was long on the paint with a variety of polyester epoxy powder coating, followed by the (pure) polyester powder coating, and then followed by the (pure) epoxy powder coating, due to different national conditions, the development of the use of a significant difference. 

2. From powder coating coating method and existing state can be divided into electrostatic powder coating powder coating powder coating fluidized bed dip when sorting, swimming powder coating, UV-curable powder coatings and water-dispersible (or water thick loaded) powder paint varieties.

3. When the special function and purpose of the classification from thermoplastic powder can be divided into decorative powder coatings, anti-corrosion powder powder coatings, durable powder coatings, insulation powder coatings, antibacterial powder coating and high temperature powder coatings and other varieties.

4. From the appearance of the coating powder coatings can be divided into high-gloss powder coating, powder coating bright, semi-gloss powder coatings, matt powder coatings, matt powder coating, powder coating wrinkles, orange grain powder coating, sand grain powder coatings, hammer powder coating, powder coating rain, pattern powder coating, powder coating and plating metallic effect powder coatings certain other varieties. Generally greater than 90% of the gloss coating is a high light sheen in 70% -90% are bright, light semi-gloss, gloss, semi-matt at 25% -45% in the 45% -70% of gloss 10% -25% belongs to matt, gloss at 10% or less are dull. Classification film gloss is no uniform requirement, and some matte sheen that is 10% -40%; semi-gloss sheen for 40% -60%, high gloss greater than 85%.


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