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Dip is a Plastic Coating Process

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Dip is a plastic coating process, is the plastic coating on the substrate (usually metal), such as: hanger our daily use of dry clothes, grip pliers, scissors pouches on a variety of handrails. According to the need for heating dip into hot and cold dip, dip raw materials in accordance to points can be divided into liquid and powder Dip Dip / Dip powder. Dip the metal by heating the plastic powder evenly sprayed on the metal layer of plastic film, or by heating the metal member into the dip solution was cooled so that the plastic coating on the metal surface. This process has no need to mold, low cost, easy molding, process various shape and other characteristics are widely used. 

One, dip powder / polyethylene thermoplastic powder coating, also known as polyethylene resin powder coating, is the high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) as the base material, adding a variety of functional additives, color processing and production of anti-corrosion formulated powder coating, dip coating the film has excellent chemical resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, bending, acid, salt spray corrosion resistant and has good performance surface decoration. 
Two, dip powder / General Construction conditions: 1, the workpiece rust, to the oil treatment, heated to 350 ± 50 ° C (depending on the heating temperature specific heat capacity of the workpiece size, the test may be). 2, the workpiece is immersed in the fluidized bed, 10-12 seconds, and heated to 150 ° C-230 ° C, remove the surface leveling, and finally cooled to. Another molding plastic powder, no bed. 
Three, dip powder Main Uses: Widely used in the grill surface coating highways, railways, parks, gardens and other guardrail, bicycle baskets, shelves, racks, refrigerator. Four, dip powder characteristics: Phi Lu layer thicker in 0.5-3MM, there is a strong resistance to impact, but also a longer period of protection, the technical parameters: fineness: 50 mesh -70 mesh density: 0.92-0.94 g / cc


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