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Dip Powder Resume

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Dip Powder , a polyethylene powder, polyethylene powder dip coating, a thermoplastic powder coating, resin-based material powder is dip, adding certain additional additives, pigments, fillers and made by a process of a powder paint, coating with excellent resistance to acid, alkali, salt and other chemical resistance, electrical insulation properties and low temperature performance, and a certain degree of mechanical strength and flexibility, relatively low prices in general, apply thick coating; same time, coated flat, smooth, plump, non-toxic, non-polluting,, is a provincial resource, new paint provincial energy. 

Currently, dip powder mainly used for household appliances, daily necessities, medical equipment, light industry, chemical industry equipment and spare parts and other shell decoration, corrosion and insulation coatings. 

Dip flour production, the key is the production process and the equipment used is suitable for process requirements. Shear grinding process compared with conventional ball milling process. Hebei JiaoRong Trading Co., Ltd 's polyethylene powder has high quality and stability, high efficiency, easy color change. Compared with liquid nitrogen freeze grinding process, the cost low and high efficiency. 

Dip flour production, mostly using shear grinding processes.


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