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Dip Powder Prospects

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Dip resin refers to a variety of plastic powder - Dip Powder: One civilian dip powder, mainly used for hanging clothes, bike baskets, kitchen utensils and other coating, has good luster; two engineering dip powder , painting the fence for highway and railway, municipal engineering fence, instrumentation, supermarket rack, shelving, cable, and other miscellaneous goods inside the refrigerator, durability, corrosion resistance. Dip powder has a softening when heated and cooled but also the characteristics of the cured film forming, the molten plastics mainly physical deposition process. Dip Dip process most of the thermoplastic resin powder dip, typical raw polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, tetrachlorethylene, applicable to non-toxic dip coating, which is generally decorative, corrosion, wear-resistant coating layer.

Dip the main types of thermoplastic powder PE universal dip powder, PE Engineering dip powder, PE pipe type dip powder, PE refrigerator dedicated dip powder, PE racks dedicated Dip powder. Metal mesh plate dip and dip metal mesh fence panels in order to ensure the quality of dip coating, dip using metal mesh plate workpiece preheat temperature, the powder bed quick dip, dip coating formed then High temperature plastics (curing) process method.

Metal mesh plate dip process: pre-processing the workpiece on the workpiece → → → dip → pre-drying temperature than high temperature curing powder cleanup → → next workpiece. Metal mesh plate dip in the hot dip coating production line is generally carried out. Metal mesh plate dip equipment from high-temperature bake, preheat the powder bed, fluidized quick lifting device, curing drying tunnel and hanging chain forms of delivery devices and other components, the device has a programmable controller for automatic control to ensure continuous dip production, and has a separate manual control, debugging and testing processes for use. Two were used to bake fuel type heat exchanger and a hot air circulating indirect heating. Dip the powder bed is placed in the pit, when the workpiece in place by the conveyor transport, lifting devices will fluidized rapid rise; dip workpiece to be completed, namely bed down to its original position, hitting device will be cleared I position the workpiece portions stacked powder. To reduce the load lifting, lifting steadily increasing degree, bed hanging by ropes connected to the same weight with weights, lift drive motor controlled by an electronic inverter and use the lift rate adjustment control to achieve rapid and steady demand. Hanging conveyor transport using ring form, the workpiece into the pre-heated oven bake powder fluidized bed dip, bake curing plasticizing, when the workpiece cooling, conveying to the next piece of the next piece.

Conveyor speed by electronic inverter control, the entire line using the beat type run, in the delivery of the workpiece, bake, preheat and curing drying tunnel aerodynamic compartment temperature goalkeeper leaved open simultaneously, which has been preheated workpiece conveyor sent dip station, dip the piece has been sent to bake curing, cured naturally cooling the workpiece to the station. After completion of the Beat movement, conveyor transport stop (waiting), waiting for the end of the state into the next beat work cycle. Entire beats working hours and waiting time of about 5 min, the completion of the action and complete work on the workpiece within that period of time. Conveyor hooks allow each pair hooked 1 to 4 metal mesh plate; pre-smelling total length can accommodate three linked parts, warm-up time is 15 min; curing drying tunnel length can accommodate two linked parts, the curing time is about 10 min ; each beat for about 5 min, which transport the workpiece, open every door warm, dip and so time is about 30 s, the rest are waiting times. Large metal stencil large metal mesh panels mainly used in highways, railways, airports, stadiums, residential and other places of isolation network board, in addition to the traditional surface coating and galvanizing paint methods, currently tend to use high thickness dip coating (such as polyethylene, polyester, pure), the dip coating appearance and full appearance, impact resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, long outdoor service life.

Since the stencil dip coating thickness required to achieve 1 mm or so, and therefore must work in the form of high temperature preheated dip. High thickness powder coating large metal mesh plate hot dip coating line designed for large metal mesh surface of the plate, by the pre-bake, bake, bake curing five most fluidized dip equipment, conveyor systems and control systems and other components. Large powder fluidized bed can be multi-chip network board while dip; multi-use electric heating; complete equipment using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) were run control; frequency control using a fluidized bed lift and deliver precise positioning control, while also uses a pneumatic door compartment temperature and the position of non-contact type detecting device for continuous operation stability.

Large metal mesh plate hot dip with no pollution, temperature distribution, process consistency, good coat quality, no color, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, energy saving, stable and reliable. Fence Fence dip made of high quality metal wire rod as raw material made of welded mesh in roll or sheet, embalmed by PVC powder, make fence with corrosion, rust, acid, moisture, insulation, anti-aging, feel good, environmental protection, long life and other characteristics. Dip the metal mesh fence beautiful, practical, and easy to transport and install;. Terrain adaptability, fence connected to the main network and column connection with a special plastic clips or high-strength steel wire clamp, connection location can ups and down with the ground adjustment; fence with a few metal mesh in the lateral bending stiffeners, not much increase in the overall cost of the case, to make a significant increase in net surface strength and beauty. Fence is mainly used for road guardrail, speed grille, grille airport, residential villas garden fence, residential fence, metal craft frame, bar cage, sports and fitness equipment. Fence dip and spray can be used in two ways embalmed. Dip products are used outdoors, spray products are used indoors. Fence dip treatment is a metal mesh welded to the base, dip resin outer layer (thickness ~ mm), for process metal surface embalmed way through the metal mesh dip equipment. Fence Dip is a traditional paint, galvanized coating replacement products, widely used. Fence spray equipment with electrostatic dusting powder coating onto the surface of the workpiece, in electrostatic powder evenly adsorbed on the surface, forming a powder coating; powder coating baked at high temperatures and curing treatment, the effect of the final coating becomes different. Fence spray coating results in mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, anti-aging is superior to the painting process, the cost is lower than the painting.

Conclusion metal Dip is a new kind of metal surface treatment technology and preservative treatment process new way. Dip the development of anti-corrosion technology is new technology, new materials using polymer mix. Dip promotion and application of metal mesh panels, fence, significant social benefits: in crowded cities, bustling city, people feel more and more narrow space of traditional red brick wall Pitt, will be replaced by beautiful chic modern garden fence. Dip fence with its beautiful shape, rich color, may perspective and strong, life-long maintenance, etc., is becoming the preferred fencing with urban infrastructure, and will add to our home many beautiful colors. Beautiful minimalist styling makes people suddenly, clean city, green parks, colorful fence, comfortable and cozy environment, this is the image of a modern city, China's metal dip powder has broad prospects for development.


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